Heinzmann Direct Power


The Heinzmann DirectPower e-bike motor is brushless and has no gears.
It minimises maintenance and wear and eliminates motor noises.
The components included are perfectly aligned to the DirectPower Drive.
The kit is available for both rear wheel and front wheel mounting. Different cable lengths allow for adaption to individual frame sizes.

Components included

Motor, custom built wheel, battery, console, torque sensor, wiring loom, installation guide and operating instructions.


  • Heinzmann
  • Heinzmann Direct Power
  • £1095.00
  • 250
  • Front or Rear hub
  • Heinzmann
  • 36v 11 or 14.25Ah
  • 50
  • Pedal assist only, no throttle
  • 2 years

Service & Repair options

DIY or qualified fitter installation

Optional extras


Lithium battery conforms to UN standard 38.3


To ensure your bike is compatible with an electric bike conversion kit, please discuss thoroughly with your chosen seller before purchase.

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