RELO mid-drive eBike kit Base Package. Supplied to the UK by Panda eBikes.

Futuristic lightweight mid-drive kit - just 3.6 kg including battery and less than 1kg when you remove the click-on motor and battery sections. Innovative torque sensing drive injects power only when you pedal so that you hardly even notice you are riding an ebike... until you turn off the motor and notice the huge difference!

First ever removable drive unit

The first removable drive unit ever for a bicycle is the upgrade your bike needs and weighs only 3.66 kg – including the battery. The great thing about it is that all bicycle components remain in place, and the motor and battery can be snapped on and off at any time with a simple hand movement. Only the gear box weighing only 1.7 kg remains mounted on the bike.

Your bike remains your bike. It’s up to you to decide how you want to ride: with the extra power of a 250 W mid drive motor, or no drive motor at all – for pure cycling fun.

Components included


  • Panda
  • RELO
  • £1500.00
  • 250
  • Centre / Crank drive
  • RELO
  • 100W Lithium Ion
  • 10
  • Pedal assist only, no throttle
  • N/A
  • 3.8
  • N/A
  • 1 year
  • DIY and manuals

Service & Repair options

Optional extras


Lithium battery conforms to UN standard 38.3


To ensure your bike is compatible with an electric bike conversion kit, please discuss thoroughly with your chosen seller before purchase.

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