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Power-assisted cycle trailer boosts electric mobility

Nuwiel GmbH was founded by three engineers in 2016. Their vision is to change urban delivery and transportation with their powered bicycle trailer, designed to... Read more

Deliveroo to deliver more with Tern
Tern, Taiwanese producers of urban electric bikes, have teamed with Deliveroo to provide on-demand food deliveries. The partnership say this will broaden Deliveroo’s customer base... Read more
Guernsey e-cycle subsidy exhausts funds after 4 weeks
Due to popularity, £100k of funding to encourage take up e-cycling in Guernsey has been exhausted within a month of the initiative’s launch. Launched on... Read more
E-bike fraud: UK warned to look out for 70 Promovec models
UK electric bike manufacturer Batribike has notified Pedelecs that their Danish partner Promovec has been the victim of fraud, resulting in the loss of 70... Read more
Sainsbury’s trials e-cargo delivery
From this week, a fleet of five e-cargo bikes will be setting off across south London from the Streatham Common branch of Sainsbury’s to deliver... Read more
Cambridge start-up takes on folding e-bike market
Hinton Bikes has tasked itself with producing a folding electric bike the size and weight of an “airline carry-on bag”. 18 months into the project,... Read more
1 in 3 bikes sold in the Netherlands is an e-bike
Market figures just released by RAI show the first increase in the volume of new bicycles sold in the Netherlands since 2007. With 957,000 units... Read more

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