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Belgian speed pedelec experiment recruits new participants
As Belgian politician, Bjorn Rzoska, finished his fourth week of commuting 7.5 hours by speed pedelec to statistically build the case for faster e-bikes, new... Read more
Belgian politician puts speed pedelec to the test
Bjorn Rzoska, a keen cyclist heading up the Belgian Green party, is taking part in a 3-month experiment which aims to discover if speed pedelecs... Read more
Ram-raiders steal e-bikes from Electric Transport Shop
Thieves made off with three electric bikes worth £9,000 from the Bristol e-bike specialist on 28th January. The shop front was forced by a van... Read more
Electric bike seized for “technological fraud” at Cyclo-Cross race
Belgium’s Cyclo-Cross World Championship also staged the first official case of high-level ‘mechanical doping’ at the weekend. International Cycling Union president (UCI), Brian Cookson, confirmed... Read more
Move for Cyclotricity, as e-bike sales notch up a gear
Southampton-based electric bike manufacturer, Cyclotricity, have announced the launch of two new models alongside a move to larger premises. Last year the company announced their... Read more
Aussie husband & wife team soar past e-bike long distance record
Spring 2015 saw Gary and Rachel Corbett set off from London in pursuit of beating the unofficial e-bike long distance world record. Set by Maximilian... Read more

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