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Cudo brings colour to Bosch motors
Hesling, a Dutch company with a history of producing chain covers, have launched the ‘Cudo’, a Bosch motor cover available in a variety of colours.... Read more
Q1 Dutch e-bike sales up 23.5%
Early figures for 2015 electric bike sales in the Netherlands show the country’s love affair with electric bikes isn’t about to end any time soon.... Read more
Norfolk Cycle Show introduces Emu electric bikes
A busy Norwich city centre welcomed large crowds to this year’s cycling show. Sponsored by Electrifying Cycles of Cromer, the selection of latest models drew... Read more
Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features
Bosch have announced “all new features” for their 2016 model, introducing new and improved technology for their electric bikes next year. Performance Line CX A... Read more
Heathrow staff trial electric bikes
Staff at Heathrow, who live a short distance from the airport, are being loaned BMW Cruise e-bikes over the summer months to encourage sustainable transport... Read more
Take out revolutions coming to a city near you
Deliveroo, a UK business start-up, is embracing electric bike technology to deliver take away food, faster. The company uses mobile internet technology to connect restaurants... Read more

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