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Dutch e-bike market up 16%
A study of the Dutch cycle market demonstrated the continuing strong growth of e-bike sales in the Netherlands last year. Data from trade associations BOVAG... Read more
Ford electric bikes
Ford unveils e-bike prototypes
Ford has announced that it is the latest car manufacturer to venture into the world of e-bike prototypes. Ford’s ‘Smart Mobility Plan’ used the stage... Read more
Corbetts longest electric bike journey
Australian couple set their sights on longest e-bike journey
Australian husband and wife team, Gary and Rachel Corbett, are aiming to set a new world record for the longest electric bike journey ever recorded.... Read more
TETS electric bike retailers Cambridge
Electric Transport Shop moves to larger premises in Cambridge
January 2015 sees a new electric bike shop open in Cambridge, with the Electric Transport Shop relocating to larger premises on the city’s busy Newmarket... Read more
E-bikes - cycle helmet
“E-bikes can replace cars and make people fitter” says new survey
E-bikes can replace cars and make people fitter is the positive conclusion confirmed by Cycling Made Easy’s 2014 customer survey. However, Ray Wookey, the firm’s... Read more
batribike storm electric bike
Batribike and Oxygen team up to build e-bikes in Lincolnshire
Batribike and Oxygen have announced they’ve agreed a ‘business relationsip’ which enables them to produce 2 e-bike models in the UK for spring 2015. The... Read more

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