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Lithium….. really hot batteries
Just a little too hot, wouldn’t you say? A couple of evenings ago at mid-night, having handed over the watch to the Ships’ Cat, I... Read more
Dutch electric bike market shows no sign of slowing
Last year around 180,000 electric bikes were sold in Holland bringing the total to 600,000. In March alone, sales jumped by over 31% compared to... Read more
BEBA parliamentary electric bike day – 11th May
BEBA are holding a meeting in the Palace of Westminster next Wednesday, 11th May to to encourage the powers-that-be to take electric bicycles more seriously... Read more
Inventor Stephen Britt wins £50,000 prize to develop Electric Pedals
Inventor Stephen Britt has walked away with a £50,000 investment for his idea involving electric assistance via the pedals, a low-cost option to modifying a... Read more

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