Interview with Amps electric bikes
David Miall talks to Pedelecs about his new venture & the latest Wisper technology. David, you’ve been in the UK electric bike market since the... Read more
Overcoming type II diabetes with an e-bike: Linda’s story
Linda Tyley shares her story of achieving an eco-friendly commute, while regaining her fitness and health with an electric bike. Diagnosed with type II diabetes... Read more
Interview with CycloTricity: UK manufacturing, innovation and de-restriction
Pedelecs talks to Rami Akily of CycloTricity about his background, his e-bikes and his plans to extend UK manufacturing to other brands. Where did CycloTricity... Read more
E-conomic boom: soaring sales turns 2015 into “year of the e-bike”
Matt Flanagan, managing director of E-Bikes Direct, talks to Pedelecs about the UK electric bike market in 2015 and why sales figures are surging ahead.... Read more
Electric bike UK manufacture
CycloTricity bring e-bike manufacturing back to UK
CycloTricity are to manufacture their electric bike range from their Aldershot premises, now refitted as a full assembly factory. CycloTricity’s MD, Rami Akily, told Pedelecs... Read more
Wooden electric bike
Company plans solar-powered wooden e-bike
Innovators, product designers and investors in sustainable transport continue to further the cause of electric bikes world-wide. Following the tradition in year recent years of... Read more

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