Batribike electric bike team
Interview with Batribike
Sue Coulson, of Batribike, talks to Pedelecs about the company’s family business roots, the motivation that drives the business forward and what 2015 has in... Read more
Paralympic cyclist converts to electric bike power
James Brown is a keen athlete and cyclist, winning the Bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics for the tandem road time trial. Partially sighted, he... Read more
The road less travelled: one family ditches the car
The following story is Cliona Brophy’s account of her family going car-free and care-free with two Momentum electric bikes. This story was first published in... Read more
Connected Visiobike focuses on design and security
The latest prototype seeking production costs through crowd-funding comes to a screen near you today.
Dealer spotlight: 50cycles
In this interview, 50cycles tells Pedelecs about their history, Kalkhoff technology and announce their expansion plans for 2014. How did you start? 50cycles started back... Read more
Dealer spotlight: Electric Transport Shop
Pedelecs talks to the Electric Transport Shop about their brand, history and plans for the future: Who is behind ETS and how did you first... Read more

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