Dealer spotlight: E-Bikes Direct
Pedelecs talks to E-Bikes Direct about their brand, history and plans for the future: Who is behind E-Bikes Direct and when was the company established?... Read more
Ask Flecc: Which electric bike transmission should I choose?
Bicycle front and rear gear systems have been covered in an associated article, this article covers the transmissions that link them. Chain Drive This has... Read more
Introduction to KTM electric bikes and their 2014 range
KTM is a name many people in the UK will have heard of, either as a result of our extensive range of motorbikes or the... Read more
Ask Flecc: How to choose a bicycle brake system?
Bicycle brakes come in various forms, in part according to the intended use, and the various types are covered below.  At the end of this... Read more
Ask Flecc: Electric bikes – which gear system should I choose?
Derailleur Gears Strictly speaking derailleurs are not gear systems, just being a choice of sprocket pairings which can be selected dynamically to give a variety... Read more
Ask Flecc: Battery meters – how accurate are they?
The apparently unpredictable behaviour of the battery meters on electric bikes often causes puzzlement, so here is an explanation for the reasons, together with tips... Read more

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