How my electric bike changed my life: Nina Taylor’s story
My electric bike really did change my life, it gave me my independence and freedom back. I have never owned a car, I simply cannot... Read more
How to choose an electric trike?
A Pedelecs reader has contacted us requesting advice on where to start with finding an electric trike. He wrote ‘I am now 84 and used... Read more
Ask Flecc: How do I get the most out of my electric bike battery in winter?
Batteries of all types hate the cold; low temperatures reduce their chemical efficiency with a resulting drop in capacity and corresponding e-bike performance and range.... Read more
Ask Flecc: How do I winter-proof my electric bike?
Flecc is a long-term contributor to Pedelecs and has kindly offered to answer readers’ questions. If you’d like to put your question to him please... Read more
How my electric bike changed my life: Eaglerider’s story
Pedelecs’ member Eaglerider tells us how he accidentally lost over 12 kilos while having fun. I guess it was all rather circumstantial really. I had... Read more
How my electric bike changed my life: Paul Rogers’ story
Pedelecs member, Paul Rogers, tells us how stumbling across electric bikes four years ago has changed both his personal and working life: “My introduction to... Read more

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