Let’s kill the “C” word
Ray Wookey challenges the views behind the dismissive ‘cheat’ stereotyping. Straight up I have to say I have an axe to grind. I run a... Read more
How my electric bike changed my life: Mike Killay’s story
Pedelecs member, Mike Killay, describes how his Tonaro gave him a new lease of life: “They say that age does not come alone. In my... Read more
Interview with Momentum Electric
Ying, of Momentum Electric, talks to Pedelecs about Momentum’s products, target market and their plans for the future. Momentum have just been selected as finalists... Read more
Electric mountain bike gets heart patient back on the trails. Part 1
In his own words, cycling enthusiast, Nick Culshaw, tells Pedelecs how his Haibike means he can continue with the one sport he had always loved;... Read more
Rocket Man – This wheel’s on fire
He walked into the Hand in Hand, sheathed in sweat, like a heroin junkie after a very bad fix. As Paul Blezard staggered towards the... Read more
Interview with Ian Hughes from Storck Raddar
Pedelecs caught up with Ian and Trevor Hughes, from Storck Raddar UK, to get the background on how and why they entered the electric bike... Read more

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