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    Finally gone and done it but!!! Part two!!

    I have the Thule Europower carrier and my cycling pal has an Atera - both suitable for ebikes. Due to the spacing of the wheel channels (as mentioned by JPGiant) we can only carry both our bikes on the Thule carrier. My bike is an R & M Supercharger and his is a KTM EStreetP. When I had the same...
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    Tested my helmet today.

    If you had been "cheating" it probably wouldn't have happened. Jim
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    Well done to the lady in question. The police lack of action or interest is disgraceful! Jim
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    Tested my helmet today.

    Never mind your helmet - what about your bike? Did you drop it or risk all to save it? :) Jim
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    Best Five Albums

    Bach - anything Mozart - anything Beethoven - most Buddy Holly - all Dire Straits - all :) Jim
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    Donald Trump's Behaviour

    I don't suppose you have a "nuclear button" though :) Jim
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    Show us your ebikes

    There's no doubt it's heavy, however thanks to the Bosch power unit coupled with the Rohloff hub the weight factor seems to disappear. The only problem (minor) the weight has caused me is loading it onto my tow-bar carrier.The bike is very well constructed and balanced and rides like a dream...
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    Electric walking bike

    See https://lopifitus.com/ - OK for a bit of fun but more a scooter than a bike. Probably not legal in the UK. Jim
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    My granny always said that sweets were bad for you! Jim
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    Bosch - New eMtb mode

    That's certainly possible - I hadn't tried to analyse it, being technically challenged. I only noticed it when riding the bike up a hill to my home at the end of a 25 mile ride. To make life easier I switched to Turbo but noticed that the indicated assistance level was only about 50%. As soon as...
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    Bosch - New eMtb mode

    I'm now riding a Riese & Muller Supercharger Rohloff and I have found that in Turbo you have to drop several gears to get the full assist. Once you do it's great. Jim
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    Chinese ebikers living dangerously.

    Rather them than me! Jim
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    The Mystery Disappearance

    'Le petomane' is more to my taste:rolleyes: Jim