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    Huge increase in UK e-bikes

    Halfords have made a bid to buy out Evans cycles and concentrate on E bike sales. I have to say my Carrera Crossfire nearly 2 years old now is still absolutely bril to ride.
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    Carrera Crossfire-E bike Hub drag

    any chance of a youtube video, any particular part of the motor housing, what grease etc
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    Recommendations for a suitable ebike

    I am amazed at some ebike prices, no, horrified! tell you what Tim in mho you won't go far wrong visiting Halfords and trying the Carrera crossfire or crossfuse out. Well built good backup. ok some have experienced problems, but the thing is most Halfords are within reasonable distance, if you...
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    What's the deal with frequently broken spokes?

    I do not have any broken spokes, but have ordered a spoke tool, so will tension test each one. Q. How much tension do you apply to a rear hub e bike (carrera crossfire) wheel spoke?
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    I had my stent 2 years ago after 3 heart attacks, the first 2 were on my mountain bike I just felt really rough with no energy and a strange feeling in chest (not pain) I just rode home slow and slept. The 3rd one I collapsed walking up an hill. Consultant said I was extremely lucky. Anyways...
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    Come on spring

    I'm just gagging to get out regularly on my e bike, have done a couple of quick 10 milers on nice but cold days. Just waiting for spring to kick in to let loose!
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    Report: Cycling benefits for the elderly

    i'm 64, always considered myself fit and healthy until a heart attack whilst out on my mountain bike 2 years ago. Well, stents and loads of medications for life including beta blockers which are yuk on hills I purchased an e bike. I have to say that was one of the best decisions I have ever...
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    Faulty eCarrera Crossfire

    I fixed the cut out problem by placing a tie wrap over the connector (photo) give it a shot you have nothing to lose. The heel of my trainer used to catch the connector only slightly. Has'nt cut out for a few hundred miles now
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    Britain by bike. Ch 5

    When this thing gets up to 88mph your going to see some serious s*** :)
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    Britain by bike. Ch 5

    Well, that puts my flux capacitor mod to shame
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    Hi BB same as you purchased my carrera crossfire e bike earlier this year, for the price I think the bike is awsome. Like you I experienced cut outs at I think it was about 600 miles, but cured it by placing a plastic tie wrap around the connector to keep it solid, I think the heel of my left...
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    Halfords Carrera Crossfire e Battery cutting off...

    Completed 150 miles since placing a tie wrap around the connector with no further cut outs, hope it stays good:)
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    Winter's coming

    ocd my ar*e, just lookin after £1,000 of kit, does'nt everyone do that? don't know about you but leaving it in the garage covered in sh'te is not for me
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    Winter's coming

    eeeeaaaarrrggggg no way can I not clean oil and check/maintain the bike after every ride. Just one of them things installed into my dna
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    Britain by bike. Ch 5

    Anyone watching Britain by bike on channel 5. Larry and George Lamb. Noticed Larry is on an electric bike, looked good on them Yorkshire hills. Not sure what electric bike it is yet