Kalkoff Integrale 8 Belt ,Grey,Crossbar,50cm

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    Selling my beautiful Kalkoff electric bike, bough In November 2015 from 50 Cycles in Loughborough. They still sell this bike, specs can be viewed here: https://www.50cycles.com/kalkhoff-integrale-i8

    Eight gear belt drive (the best version in my opinion). It has only covered about 400 miles and includes:

    New tyres
    Rear bag that locks to the bracket
    Thudbuster seat suspension and comfort seat
    dongle to double speed (off road use only, ahem).
    Rear mirror

    Always garaged, in very good condition, as is the battery. (note, the images show a few mud spots on the bike - they are not chips!).

    Cost £2895 new. Selling because I'm now into motorcycles and there's no room in my garage! Any reasonable offer will be considered.

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