Panda Pro 700c Front Hub Kit £175

Discussion in 'Electric Bike Classifieds' started by Warwick, Sep 9, 2018.

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    The kit is just over a year old and has done about 500 miles. It is one of these. Disc brake compatible.

    Fitted to my Orbit, it was my second bike, with the Oxygen doing the bulk of my mileage. It is in very good condition.

    The Panda kit is almost as supplied, except for the following improvements:

    1) The PAS is an all-in-one Kunteng one (I can possibly dig out the 2-part disc PAS, but why would you?)
    2) The supplied, non-waterproof controller box was replaced and the wiring now goes into an under-saddle pack. 3) To achieve this, some wire extension fettling was needed and this was done by an electrician workmate. It had heatshrink sleeving fitted and is waterproof.

    I am happy to supply the saddle pack as part of the deal. It's a very good one and is just the right size.

    No battery is supplied, but any could be rigged up.
    £175 + P&P
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