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PowaByke 21 Speed Euro Owner Reviews

Discussion in 'Electric Bike Reviews' started by rsscott, Feb 13, 2008.


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    Aug 17, 2006
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    Reviewer: Frank Proud

    Purchased From: eBay

    Purchase Price: £250

    Time Owned: 3 Weeks

    Local Terrain: Moderate Hills

    Long range between charges
    Good hill climbing
    Good quality bike components (brakes, gears, etc)
    Solid, quality feel - appears well made
    Can go on my car carrier with the battery off

    Heavy (its the steel frame / lead acid battery version, weighing 38kg)
    A bit ugly to look at
    Built in pannier rack not compatible with standard panniers
    Rear brake cable too short to enable full handlebar adjustment (raising)

    I've been looking for an electric bike for a while. I discovered the Cylces for Work scheme and found I needed to wait a few months to be able to get one through my employer, so I bought this second hand on ebay as a stop-gap.
    Its a few years old and has had a couple of previous owners but is not high mileage. I've done about 200 miles since getting it and have been very happy with it. The motor does its job and raced up the steepest hills so far attempted (in the South Downs nr Chichester), with no sign of reaching its limit.
    It makes my commute to work 10 mins faster than pedals alone.
    I've scored it 7, on account of the weight and slightly frumpy looks, but for a relatively cheap, second hand buy I would give it 9+ out of 10.


    Overall Rating (out of 10) : 8

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