Bike rides in Cyprus and then back to the UK

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February 1st 2018. Went out for my first long ride on my new bike in Cyprus. 25 miles, from our village, Anarita, down to the coast and then along the front and coastal path to the Tomb of the Kings and back.
Lovely going downhill to the coast but could have done with my electric bike for the last part of the route back, a climb of 450 feet from Timi to Anarita. Wish I could have afforded the extra for an electric bike, as I really missed my Wisper for the climb home.
It was 18c, over 10 degrees warmer than my last ride in the UK.

February 22nd. Back in the UK. Temperature between 4c and 6c,

Did the same ride from Penrhyn Bay to Bethesda, along Route 5 and Route 82, but rode as far as Penrhyn Quarry and Zip World. 33 miles at an average speed of 9mph. First signs of Spring, snowdrops at their best and daffodils just starting to bloom.

A really enjoyable ride on a crisp, cold winters day. I stopped off at the Aber Falls Hotel for afternoon tea, delicious, and very reasonable priced.

February 25th. A cold and frosty winters day. Rode from Penrhyn Bay to Pensarn along the coastal path. Patches of ice on the track. Cafe at Pensarn now open. Sat inside where it was warm and had a latte and cake.

March 13th. Did the same ride again but now much warmer. By the end of the prom I did not need my gloves or hat. Have now done 800 miles on my Wisper.

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