forks on trec 810 to fat/wide for mxus hub

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Hi everyone have got an issue and that is got a trec 810 mtb which is ideal as the forks are robust and strong steel which made it an ideal choice to use with mxus mottor, I checked it to fit my axle 100mm and it does but found once the hub was fitted on the forks I haven't enough clearance for the upper outer hub where the outer screws are fitted, the forks are wider fatter here then below where they sit, so my question is can I file/grind the sides flush to allow the forks the clearance needed ? I am guessing I need to clear 3mm each side but not for until tightened up. Any advise would be much appreciated I don't at this stage want to look at alternative forks. If not practical or safe to do so how about trying to widen stretch the forks further apart and if this is an option how or best way to do this?

Just researched the frame and this is what it's made of :

  1. a form of steel containing chromium and molybdenum, used to make strong, lightweight components such as bicycle frames.

Thanks guys

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