My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast Part 10

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Penrhyn Bay to Chester 5th October 2017 Cont'd
© John Robert Cook 2017
From the main road in Connah's Quay, passed the college, football stadium and school, then up a slight hill and halfway down, you turn left, down to Dock Road. We missed the turning when we were walking the Wales Coast Path, as we were walking on the right hand side of the road. It is signposted, by some new houses, and the road takes you under the railway bridge and onto the Dock Road.
Picture1.jpg A view of the new bridge over the Dee.

The Dock Road at Connah’s Quay.

What I like to see. A signpost and a good path, which took me to Hawarden Bridge, where I crossed over the river.
Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg

Broughton is only a few miles away. The Beluga had just taken off. This aircraft carries airbus wings from Broughton. When we were walking the Wales Coast Path we saw the Airbus ship off Anglesey.


The route takes you alongside the River Dee for around 7 miles in total. It is hard to believe ships used to come so far up the river. There are the remains of quays all the way along. This path, like so much of Route 5, forms part of the Wales Coast Path, even though it is not on the coast. It is the path you can see below when you cross the roadbridge at Queensferry. Picture6.jpg

A rainbow in the distance, but I had made it to England. Picture7.jpg

My bike, just before it crossed the border into England. Picture8.jpg Picture10.jpg

I had made it from Penrhyn Bay to Chester.
I had done a total of 47 miles and my total climbs amounted to 1042 feet.
Plus, still a full battery, which only took an hour to fully charge again.

If I did this ride again, I would use the inland Route 5 between Prestatyn and Flint. Route 5 is signposted along the coast at Prestatyn but the original route took you inland here.

I certainly would not cycle along the dual carriageway before Flint out of choice as there was not even a pavement.

© John Robert Cook 2017

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