My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast Part 11

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Penrhyn Bay to Abergwyngregyn and then onto Menai Bridge
15th July 2017 and 12th October(to Menai)
Part 1 Penrhyn Bay to Conwy
© John Robert Cook 2017

I set off from Penrhyn Bay, picking up National Cycle Route 5 at Glanwyddyn. A short ride along the main road and then left, into the village, following the route signs.
National Cycle Route 5 is well signposted along the whole of this route.

National Cycle Route 5 splits in two just after the Golf Club at Rhos on Sea. Turn second left after the Golf Club and you follow this route, Carry straight on and you go to the roundabout at Penrhyn Bay, then up over the Little Orme, before coming to the prom at Llandudno. The route then takes you round the Great Orme.
This route cuts out the Great Orme, and takes you direct through Llandudno Junction to Conwy. However, if you have cycled from Prestatyn, it is the first part that is fully on road, for a stretch of around 4 miles apart from the short piece of road cycling at Rhos on Sea.

After turning second left, off the promenade, passed the golf club, you are faced with the first bit of road.

First, quite a busy road and then, after you have turned left to Glanwydden, quiet country lanes. Picture13.jpg

This sign, opposite the Queen’s Head is difficult to spot.
Picture15.jpg Picture16.jpg

Mostly local traffic who expect cyclists and horses. Beware delivery vans whose SatNavs seem to direct their drivers along this road as a shortcut. Picture17.jpg

The route takes you on quiet lanes, passed a small church and a vineyard. It then drops down Pabo Lane down to Llandudno Junction.


The route through Llandudno Junction.There are two bike retailers directly on Cycle Route 5 in North Wales, this is one of them. I bought my Wisper 705SE from here. Picture19.jpg

After the busy road through Junction, you follow the Route 5 signs, passed Asda and Iceland and a lovely little café on the right, through to Conwy. From here it is almost all cycle track to Abergwyngregn.

This photo was taken in August, when I walked the route. From going passed the castle you drop down to the harbour and quayside. This is being utilised much more with events at weekends. Before Christmas there was a good Christmas Market here.

© John Robert Cook 2017
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