My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast Part 14

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Penrhyn Bay to Abergwyngregyn and then onto Menai Bridge
15th July 2017 and 12th October(to Menai)
Part 4 Abergwyngregyn to Tan-y-lon

© John Robert Cook 2017

A wide pavement and at least you are off the main road, but not really pleasant cycling. Picture45.jpg

Finally at Abergwyngregyn. A walk up to Aber Falls from here is a worthwhile diversion.

I had cycled 15.69 miles from Penrhyn Bay to Abergwyngregyn. My highest point was 291 feet.

According to my OS app, my total ascents were 606 feet.

In October I cycled the route again but carried on to Bangor and then to Menai Bridge.

Just out of the village, you join a narrow lane which takes you passed the Parish Church, St Bodfan’s. Picture48.jpg

Luckily, I met no other vehicles and no delivery vans for the whole of this section. About three miles down narrow lanes.

Looking over the Menai Straits to Anglesey.

Beaumaris and my first view of Penrhyn Castle. Picture52.jpg Picture53.jpg

After the narrow lanes I dropped down and crossed the A55. It was very windy and a few minutes earlier I had ridden through a downpour.

Back onto narrow lanes again. However, the route was well signposted.

© John Robert Cook 2017
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