My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast Part 15

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Penrhyn Bay to Abergwyngregyn and then onto Menai Bridge
15th July 2017 and 12th October(to Menai) Cont'd
Part 5 Tan-y-lon to Porth Penrhyn

© John Robert Cook 2017

I then dropped down onto the main road, crossing the railway and the AfonOgwen. Opposite these railings was a Route 5 sign pointing right. I went through a metal gate, under a bridge and up a steep path to Llandygai. Before going through the gate with my bike, I checked that there was a cycle route beyond it.

And yes, beyond the gate... Picture60.jpg

The steep path led to the village, coming out by the primary school.

Cycle Route 5 was clearly marked.

I cycled passed the entrance to Penrhyn Castle.

After crossing the main road by Penrhyn Castle and following the Route 5 signs, I cycled down this lane.

This field looked familiar. I had walked across it two months earlier, whilst walking the Wales Coast Path, which, unlike National Cycle Route 5 in this area, was not well signposted. The castle like construction is an air vent for the railway tunnel. Picture64.jpg

The AfonCegin. From here I turned left onto the path that followed the disused railway down to Porth Penrhyn. Picture65.jpg

The cycle route followed the course of the old slate railway, linking Penrhyn Quarries with the port. This used to be one of the busiest ports in Wales. Picture67.jpg Picture68.jpg

The end of the path at Porth Penrhyn. This path goes all the way Felin-hen and then to Tregarth. Looking at my OS Map App, the cycle path continues to the Ogwen Valley. It is a route I intend to cycle in 2018.

© John Robert Cook 2017
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