My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast Part 3

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Round the Orme to Penmanmawr
10th October 2017 Cont'd

© John Robert Cook 2017

Once again my Wisper coped well with the steep climb. Picture21.jpg

At the top of the road section. My bike had coped with the climb brilliantly, first gear, power 2 and throttle when needed.

Once I turned the corner and was facing Anglesey it was extremely windy.

At West Shore, Llandudno, I stopped here. The meals and cakes looked delicious but I was good and only had a coffee, which was lovely and proper coffee.
From here I cycled along the beach path to Deganwy. This path is often blocked by sand and not just in winter.

Almost at Deganwy. The path then goes to the right of the station and then goes between the railway line and the Deganwy Quay development. Picture27.jpg

Almost at Conwy.

Picture28.jpg I cycled over the road bridge into Conwy, then down to the harbour. From here I followed Route 5, which is well signposted, to Penmanmawr.

The promenade at Penmanmawr. it was extremely windy so I returned to Penrhyn Bay via Conwy, Deganwy, West Shore, North Shore then over the Little Orme.


According to my OS app, I had ridden 28 miles. My total ascents amounted to 2013 feet.
© John Robert Cook 2017
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