My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast Part 8

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Rhyl to Ffynnongroyw
1st October 2017

© John Robert Cook 2017

After coming out of the car park by Prestatyn Sailing Club and following the Route 5 signs you turn left at this junction. This takes you along a quiet estate road to the Golf Club.

The path then goes across Prestatyn Golf Course. I am sure this is a fairly new section of the route.

It follows a sand dune route to Presthaven Sands Caravan Park, which it crosses. Picture71.jpg


A gravel path takes you across the sand dunes. Ponies were grazing to help the natural vegetation. A bit further on a boardwalk took you across a marshy part of the path.
Picture73.jpg Picture74.jpg

Talacre, home of countless caravan sites.

October 1st and the café closes at 3:30pm.

At least the pub serves coffee, but no cakes. Picture75.jpg Picture76.jpg

You then cycle along the top of the dam, passed the gas pumping station to the Point of Ayr Colliery.

Point of Ayr was one of the last mines to be mechanised and pit ponies were used until 1968.

Picture77.jpg Picture78.jpg
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