My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast Part 9

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Rhyl to Ffynnongroyw
1st October 2017

© John Robert Cook 2017

From the colliery, I went under a railway bridge and then on to a gravel path which took me to the main road. I crossed this, then turned left into the village. Picture80.jpg
The older people of the village are very proud of their heritage and the history of the colliery. When we walked the route we met a man who had been an apprentice electrician at the mine when he was a teenager. In one of the village pubs, The Farmer's Arms, there were newspaper articles displayed about the pit and the miner's strike.
This village was the birthplace of the former Everton player, Roy Vernon.
I cycled through the village and onto the main road before turning back and riding to Prestatyn where Rosemary picked me up. From Penrhyn Bay to Ffynnongroew was 26 miles, plus another 7 back to Prestatyn.

My total elevation was 524 feet. It was an enjoyable ride, although some was not on Route 5.

Penrhyn Bay to Chester
5th October 2017
A few days later, I decided, perhaps foolishly, to ride the full distance to Chester. I had ridden 32 miles before, but not as many as 47 miles. However, with the wind blowing me, a strong NW wind, I did not use any power for the full journey.

My first stop was the Harbour Hub at Rhyl, where I had a lovely latte. Picture81.jpg
After Ffynnongroyw, it is nearly all road to Flint, with the exception of one or two very small sections that take you off the road. There are no signposts that take you down to the coast where, I know, there are routes suitable for cycling, such as Bettisfield.

Below, finally Flint and an off road section after cycling along a busy dual carriageway.
After cycling on road from Ffynnongroyw, a very welcome off road section taking you down to the coast. Picture83.jpg

The footpath took me down to this stone circle by the industrial estate.
A shame that the cycle route did not take you round this dock and on to Flint Castle. Instead you had to cycle through the industrial estate, and then go passed the castle on the road. Picture85.jpg

View of Flint Castle from the road. The cycle route then took you right, back on to the main road, whereas the Wales Coast path takes you passed the football ground, then along a promenade.

From Flint, again main road up to the new bridge, where you pick up a deserted road that used to serve local industry.

By October, even the scarecrows had been put in hibernation.
Picture87.jpg Picture88.jpg

Cycle route 5 signs took me round this housing estate in Connah’s Quay. Unfortunately, I ended up going round in a complete circle. The Route 5 Signs seemed to disappear after being directed off the main road. The route should have come out back on the main road through Connah's Quay opposite the Dock Road. I would have been better following the main road.
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