My Bike Rides along the North Wales Coast

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Bike Rides North Wales Coast 2017
An account of my cycling adventures since my 5x heart bypass operation, done at Broadgreen Heart and Chest Hospital, Liverpool.
© John Robert Cook 2017

December 31st 2016, 7:15am. Pains in chest. Thought I was having a heart attack. Rosemary my wife phoned for an ambulance. Taken to Glan Clwd hospital. It turned out it was a very bad angina attack. I was kept in hospital until an angiogram could be done on the 3rd January.
Angiogram results meant I was to be kept in hospital, taken to Broadgreen in Liverpool and would have to undergo a triple bypass operation.
18th Januuary 2017. I was operated on. Operation ended up as a 5x bypass, not the triple as previously diagnosed. It was a big wake up call for me.
I was determined that I would get fit after my operation and to stop abusing my body with tobacco and alcohol.
Just one week after my bypass operation, on the 23rd January. I returned home. At this point I had no intention of doing something like walking the Welsh Coast Path and cycling long distances. I just wanted to get back on my feet again.

The first week I could only manage to walk a few yards, to the end of the drive and back, upstairs very slowly, stopping halfway but by the end of the week I was walking around 50 metres.

I then set myself the goal of walking as far as the main road and back and then as far as Penhryn Bay Beach, which is a one mile walk there and back.

From achieving these goals, by the beginning of March I was walking as far as the pier at Colwyn Bay, 3 miles away from our home in Penrhyn Bay.
On March 9th, less than two months after my operation, I walked up the road part of the Little Orme. I took it very slowly, stopping frequently, but managed it. Having done that, I decided to continue downhill and then on the flat for around 2 miles, to Llandudno, and go for a coffee at Neros. I then walked a full mile non stop to West Shore where Rosemary picked me up.
I had been told that I could not cycle until after 3 months post operation. As we were in Cyprus in March and April it would be May before I could get on my bike. I did a few short rides on my old electric bike but, as I had not used it for some time, and it was thirteen years old, the battery was beginning to fail. It could no longer cope with hills and it is hard work pedalling such a heavy bike without any power. I replaced the three batteries inside the case and it is now as good as new. I still ride it for distances up to 20 miles.
The new bikes are much lighter and I decided to invest in a Wisper. I have been extremely pleased with it and so far have covered over 600 miles on it.



My Wisper 705 SE. A brilliant bike. I tend to ride it where possible without power or on low power settings, so my range is well over 50 miles. Usually it only takes an hour to charge after a ride, as I have used so little power. This picture was taken on the promenade at Prestatyn.

Round the Orme
16th July 2017

I have arranged my rides in geographical order, rather than the order that I rode them.
After a few short rides along the prom to Colwyn Bay and back and as far as Pensarn, I decided to ride round the Orme. Although a fairly short distance, compared to riding to Pensarn, a more challenging ride for me and my new bike.
First the steep climb on the cycle track which is in the wooded area on the left hand side of the hill, going up. Then left here, onto a minor road and downhill to rejoin the main road near the bottom of the hill.

Note, do not take the marked Route path when you are on the minor road as it takes you down a very narrow public footpath, unsuitable for cycling Picture1.jpg
Still quiet in Llandudno as the school holidays have not yet started. A ride along the prom to the pier and then around the Orme, which is in the distance.
The beginning of the route round the Orme. Picture7.jpg
A steep climb for me and my new bike, but we coped with it extremely well. 1st gear, power 2 and throttle when needed.

This is one ride when it is worth stopping frequently. Lovely views which change with each section of the ride.

© John Robert Cook 2017
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