Slowly Getting There

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Well, I haven't been out on my Wisper as much as I'd like since I got it about 3 weeks ago, and have only managed about 27 miles so far but having said that, I'm am more than surprised [and pleased] to notice that the charge is still on full. I have tried to keep the level to mainly 1, going a little to 2 and once to 3, but usually one with the odd throttle assist. I'm curious to see just how many miles I can get out of my first charge.

I was hoping to buy some Wisper clothing and other accessories, but it appears they don't do those yet. Currently looking for pannier bags to fit, for when I finally get on a longer trip, so I can take a picnic with me. My husband has also threatened to bungy his bike to mine so I can pull him up any hills!!! Well, he should have got an electrically assisted bike, shouldn't he??!!!!!

Weather permitting this weekend, hope to do about a 15 or 20 mile round trip.

Just want to say a huge thank you for my Wisper bike. I LOVE it!!!
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