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  1. [Abstract]: Mountain bike, abbreviated as MTB. Specifically for cross-country (hills, trails, wilderness and sand gravel road, etc.), it originated on 1977 in the West Bank San Francisco United States. A group of enthusiastic who was riding beach bike on the hillside said: "If you can ride a bike from the mountain to the foothill, it must be very interesting." It is the start line of cross-country bicycle design, officially named mountain bike.

    Later, as the cross-country movement gradually popular in Europe and the United States, and finally formed a race. 1990 International Bicycle Union recognized the sport, and held in 1991 for the first time the World Cup. Although the bike race began in Europe, but the Americans invented the mountain bike and changed the traditional concept of a bike, a new wind blowing around the world. Now billions of young people devoted to this healthy fashion movement.

    Mountain bikes are generally not come with mudguards. That is because the mudguards will affect the overall performance and stability while riding. But without mudguard, muddy road will lead to the splash of mud, and dirt bike and riders.

    In order to overcome the shortcomings of mountain bike, and make mudguard more convenient and comfortable while not affecting riding performance, the new generation of Mudguards appeared. Sinopine has redesigned the traditional fixed Mudguards as a new structure that can be easily disassembled and clamped stably. The mountain bike mudguard uses silicone plus memory metal, which is Environmental friendly, wear-resistant, easy cleaning and so on.

    Mountain Bike Mudguards Production Guidance

    • This mountain bike Mudguards can effectively block the mud splash from the road to protect your back from being dirtied.
    • Simple and smooth streamlined design makes it a stylish add-on for mountain bikes;
    • When it is not needed, you can roll it up and hide it under the seat. When it is need, you can unfold it within 1 second.
    • This mountain bike Mudguards has five LED lighting mode for you to choose from;
    • This mountain bike Mudguards has a USB interface for charging;
    • Different stylish color for you to choose from
    Mountain Bike Mudguards with LED Tail Light

    【to sum up】
    From above, we can see that the mountain mudguards plays an important role in effectively prevent mud, so it is vital to ensure the overall stability and comfort of mountain bike riding.

    Mountain Bike Mudguards with ready-to-use, easy installation, stylish appearance and safety and environmental friendly and many other advantages, is suitable for young generation off-road enthusiasts.


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