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  1. Heinzmann have recently introduced an exciting new range of electric bikes powered by their own direct drive motor.

    Cyclezee will be the first to stock them in the UK.

    There are 4 models in the range, an MTB, 2 versions of Hybrid and a stepthru.

    Heinzmann ATLAS eMB Mountain Bike
    Manufacturers specification via this link

    Heinzmann PAN eTR-U Hydrid
    Manufacturers specification via this link

    Heinzmann PAN eTR-G Hydrid

    Manufacturers specification via this link

    Heinzmann CERES eST City
    Manufacturers specification via this link
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  2. The i-Omega is a new model due to go into production later this year, below are photos of a prototype that will go on show at Interbike in September.

    It is a compact utility / cargo bike with 20" wheels, front or rear motor.
    It will have hydraulic disc brakes front and rear and 9 speed gears.

    There will be changes to the production model, the rear carrier will be another 100 mm or 4" longer, and will be adaptable for the heavy duty stand as used on the Expedir.
    i-omega 020.jpg
    i-omega 026.jpg
  3. The following link will take you to our testimonial page.....worth a read to see what others think of Cyclezee :)
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