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  1. This was a 500W rear wheel motor conversion with a 7speed freewheel and a 36 volt 15Amp hour frame battery. To fit it you do need a crank extractor, a square taper bottom bracket (for the pedal assist sensor), a bottom bracket extractor, effective down tube bottle mounts for the battery or replacement with rivnuts (5mm) or similar (the battery is friggin heavy), and enough space on the handle bars for the new brake levers (that inc the motor shut offs), and the thumb throttle, as well as the gear changers.
    Once it is all fitted though it is a blast!
    If like me the battery pulled the brazed water bottle mounts off the down tube, on a CroMo frame use steel rivnuts but on an Alu frame you need to use knurled Alu rivnuts with a proper pull tool and for a 36 Or 48V battery I recommend drilling an extra mount point with the same spacing as the original two if the frame spacing and battery mount size allows.