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    Cycling with an extra boost.

    The Cycling industry is undergoing a transformation. With 3.5 million Britons getting on their bike at least once a month and 1.5 million daily, cycling has become more and more popular– transitioning from a weekend hobby to a daily form of transport for many of us.

    With the increasing prevalence of cycling, the demand for new and exciting ways to get around on two wheels is becoming greater. The Electric Bike (E-bike) has grown in popularity in recent years – with Raleigh UK reporting sales doubling annually over the last few years and it’s not difficult to see why. The E-bike has revolutionised the cycling industry – offering a new, modern form of transport to both road and trail cyclists alike. Combining the freedom and features of the standard bicycle with electric motor technology, the E-bike is bridging the gap between the humble pedal bike and motorised transport – no petrol/diesel required, they are simply charged up and ready to go! With the average E-bike providing up to 75 miles of distance on one charge, cyclists go further and faster!

    100+ Years in the making:Whilst the Electric bike may seem like a 21st Century concept, the first battery powered bicycle patent was actually devised in 1885! (Source: Wikipedia/ElectricBicycle)

    Why an Electric Bike?
    Electric bikes help cyclists go faster, further and for longer with electric assistance powering their pedalling for an extra boost. From the novice rider to experienced cyclists, there are many different models available meaning there truly is an Electric bike for everyone.

    Planet and Pounds Savings: Unlike cars or motor bikes, the Electric bike is a motorised form of transport that doesn’t emit environmentally harmful chemicals -making them more eco friendly than their petrol fuelled counterparts. This makes them a great compromise for the eco-concious rider. In terms of cost, Electric bike riders also save a substantial amount of money compared to the cost of running a car as they currently require no insurance, road tax or MOT (Although we highly recommend a regular service)

    Commuter Friendly: Commuters in particular find Electric Bikes useful due to the increased speed and minimal effort needed. For those looking to avoid the cost or environmental damage of cars or public transport as well as the inconvenience of morning traffic, E-bikes provide a handy solution. The increased speed and need for less physical exertion mean commuters arrive at work on time and less fatigued whilst still avoiding the morning rush on the roads. PLUS, a study has shown that commuters who cycle make more productive workers! Source: HR Magazine 05/08/2016.


    Fitness Building: Any brave soul who’s ever attempted a spin class will tell you cycling is great exercise, proven to improve both cardiovascular fitness and muscle density. For those who are new to cycling or are feeling not so fit but would like to give it a go, an Electric bike is a great place to start. Although the motor and battery provide assistance, they are still powered by the cyclists own pedalling – meaning you are still getting a decent workout. The variable assistance mean the amount of help needed from the motor can simply be reduced as the rider’s fitness increases.


    Off Road Adventures: For the more adventurous cyclist, off roading is the most exciting way to get out of the city and explore the trails of the countryside, forests and mountains. Whilst going off road can be great fun, the difficult and varied terrains combined with unpredictable landscapes mean a lot of effort is required. Electric Mountain Bikes have been specifically designed with off road cycling in mind. Taking the sturdy design of a standard MTB and combining with Electric technology means that no landscape is too harsh, steep hills are made easier and more of the great outdoors can be explored.

    So, How does it work?

    What the professionals say:
    Lee Salter, Manager of Cyclelife Bristol:
    “More and more of our customers are getting into the idea of E -bikes, and we have seen a huge increase in interest over the last few years. You typically find that It’s not until the customer actually tries an Electric bike out for themselves that they truly realise how easy, uncomplicated and user friendly they are. Electric bikes mean that our customers go places and distances that they may not have ever thought about going before.”

    Pippa Wibberley, Sales & Marketing Director:
    Raleigh UK:“The latest electric bikes from Raleigh really seem to have caught people’s imagination. Whether it’s for fun and leisure or just getting to work, especially along Bristol’s hilly roads, quickly and reliably. Modern electric motors and batteries are getting lighter and more durable all the time and we know the looks really matter, too. The increasing popularity of these models seems to be down to the viral nature of this trend. Happy customers tend to tell their family members and work colleagues how much happier and healthier they feel.”
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