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  1. The bike is actually a little slower than the Viking Eco Stepper, topping out at 15MPH, and its a LOT noisier too,setting off on just throttle makes it growl and sound distressed, as does applying too much throttle at low speeds.
    On the credit side I can't fault the hill climbing power, as it can handle any hill less than 25% (with some pedal assistance) and I have even managed the climb out of Robin Hood's Bay that has a short section of 25%, so in that sense I am well pleased with it.
    Gale force winds don't bother it and me either, and my only concerns are for the noise level from the motor (though I was told at the free service that it was fine) and how many times I can unplug and re-connect the Motor, throttle and display before the connectors fail.
    You have to do this of course every time to fold the Brompton and put it in the car boot
    Still it has a years guarantee, so we shall see. Already I have covered over 600 miles and it seems to go very well.
    Here it is on the entrance to the swing bridge in Whitby harbour
    Our Caravanning site is at the top of a 5 mile hill out of Whitby that I would have had no chance of riding up without the conversion fitted!
    The red electrical tape on the frame is to protect the paintwork as in my old age I tend to catch it with my shoes getting on and off the bike (memo to self to find something more permanent)
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  2. I have had lots of fun with my Viking Eco stepper, but I really need to be able to take a bike with us when we start the caravanning season and the Eco stepper isn't only a poor folder, (it just sort of collapses in the middle into a pile) but it weighs a ton even with the battery removed.
    I have been to Electric Transports temporary workshop and found that the conversion looked good and worked well on the one they were converting, and also the batteries in the removable bag made this a much more viable proposition than the Eco stepper. It fits in the car boot very well.
    I'm looking forwards to getting the completed bike back and will give a report when I have had a chance to give it a thorough trial.
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