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  1. Adjustment of Seat Height, On a normal push bike I always adjusted the seat height so I could get maximum thrust on to the pedals, With an E bike it seems more important partly due to the weight of the machne to be able to place both feet on the ground when stationary, but now I cannnot get good thrust on to the pedals, adjust the height to get reasonable force and come off the saddle when stopped? Also I could use a higher top gear.

    Height of Handlebars I found that in the ''normal'' leaning forward riding position I had so much weight on the bars that I found it difficult to signal, I have raised the handlebars to near maximum height so now have less weight on the bars and can now signal satisfactorily. I need to purchase some electrical inicators.

    Wheel bearing Checking and Adjustment This is carried out easily with a push bike, turn it upside down, check for play and free movement. How is this carried out with a heavy Ebike with disc brakes and a hub motor? I considered using a car jack under the crank, but would probably need an assistant whilst checks were undertaken.
    Apologies to any previous bloggs on these topics, I am a relatvely newboy.
  2. Is the Pro rider a later version of the power cruiser? The latter has a Li battery and has a more sophisicated control system, but only one disc brake. Unlike my previous machines it seems well built, with full suspension front and rear disc brakes and the battery sensibly located behind the seat pillar.
    I am pleased with my power cruiser ex policeI understand, but I do miss the 1000W hub motor in the previous bike,so powerful and I did not have to pedal at all.I now have to pedal like an idiot to get a reasonable speed, guess it is good for my leg muscles.
    What is the safe maximum voltage that can be applied to a 250W hub motor?
    I do not understand how the motor responds to pedalling; on throttle only with a fully charged battery it is very slow. Any tips on increasing the speed would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Rod Fuller
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