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  1. Ok so I got my first ever pedelec about 2 months ago now and I use it virtually every day for getting to work, going to meetings, socialising (I should be so lucky). I had a road bike before and I used it about half the time and generally chickened out if there were lots of hills involved, which living in Sheffield there quite often is or it was pissing down.

    So having taken the plunge and got rid of the car and trying to use my bike as much as possible I have come up against a new challenge. What to wear! Now I am sure some of you guys will be groaning and cutting me off right there but I will continue. You see I am an image consultant, I think clothes are really interesting and generally I dress to express. As my bike has become a part of my everyday life, I want to be able to ride in my normal clothes, much as they do in some other countries. Why have we got to do the lycra clad / hi vis / clip on shoe malarky? Is it not just a marketing ploy from suppliers of cycling gear?

    Anyway I am rebelling. Today it was pissing down and I wore my normal clothes and my Burberry mac. I stayed dry and comfortable and I didn't have to take a second wardrobe to work with me. I think I will have to start taking photo's and post them on my blog. Surprisingly I think the safest and most visible and comfortable I have ever felt when cycling was wearing a black and gold stretchy sequinned dress on the way to a Sheffield Friday Night Ride (see their website but I suppose if everyone wore them they too would become invisible.

    Have today ordered a rainproof over skirt from Georgia in Dublin ( who promise "elegant riding and rainwear" can't wait to try it out. Anyway time to go, need to plan tomorrows outfit!
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