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  1. so this is for the tec heads out there 1 if I buy a pre 2016 bike that could have been both peddle assist and throttle then I know I can keep it that way , but if it only had peddle assist can I convert it to throttle and paddle assist . 2 my powabyke euro has both modes and I know the crank sensor works with the 5-6 magnets on the inside of the crank so I presume peddle assist has the same system now what I don't know is , is this a pulse re the speed of crank turn or is it time that once it finds a magnetic field it runs the motor as it keeps seeing the field and stops when you stop if so and the main point is , how simple is it to convert peddle assist to power with throttle can I just put a magnet on the sensor and it thinks I'm peddling really fast so works all the time or my best plan is affix the sensor to the rear forks and put magnets on the spokes like the speedometer work then it thinks I'm peddling all the time , if it helps the bike I want to do this to is a benelli 2015 fold city , thank for any advise
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