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  1. Hi folks

    The voyager was 3 years old last weekend - no party just 3 great years of good service and a few upgrade

    now running the xiongda 2 speed 37v system with twin 10ah LifePo4 batteries , and the brakes upgraded to 180mm front and 160mm disc rear .

    WP_20161128_11_07_20_Pro.jpg WP_20161128_11_07_11_Pro (2).jpg

    regards emma
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  2. Hi Folks
    With the exception of replacing the rear tyre the trike is finished , it has a q100 motor discs all round and new 32 hole 20mm axle disc front wheels and it will have a set of 2.1 burn-out slicks tyres fitted .

    Am I pleased with the results - you bet I am

    20-20side.jpg With the parts left over from this build and the previous e-trike battery upgrade I have enough to reinstate the old trike with SLA batteries and front disc brakes - It wont take long to sort it out

    regards emma
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  3. HI Folks
    With almost 7 months of this year gone , I have been looking back to what I have achieved and what to do before the end of the year . Our other hobbies have taken a place on the back burner while the 20/20 e-trike was built , but hopefully we can get back into the throws of things , we have a 34" radio control RAF crash tender to finish and hope to maiden it soon by taking the model down the lagoon in the trailer behind a trike , and go model RC aircraft flying again using the trailer and trike to carry the model up to the flying field .
    It makes sense to use the trike as its 15 miles by car but 4 miles by trike using farm tracks .

    There is another trike build under way its about 1/3 complete but the weather is really too hot to grind and weld at the moment and so we have been out on the trikes , I wont be starting a thread on that but I will continue the 20/20 thread and keeping up with the updates on the trike.

    regards emma
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  4. Well June was an eventful month but we got there in the end , The 20/20 e-trike was sorted and the paint job was started on the 30th of June , and the front brakes on my daily transport ( my avatar ) were rebuilt after 9 months of daily use , the pads had become contaminated and on of the front cables had become "tight " rather than mess about I replaced the cable fitted new noodles and I have order a new pair of triple compound brake shoes for the rear brake . Still we are "there " and on target for our mini Zombie fest camping trip in a couple of weeks time .
    Someone came in the bank behind me and made a comment that he did not see me on my trike coming up the road ( hold on 7 foot long 3 foot wide over 3 foot high with a high vis flag on a flag pole , I suggested to him that it might be time that he gave up driving , I wonder what he would do if he saw a wheelie bin in the road !!!!

    No I'm not going there .

    regards all

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  5. Hi folks
    The build log of this trike is in a thread on this site
    Over the weekend we took the trike out for a few test run , Basically most of the initial teething troubles have been cured or noted. After a few more miles and a couple of weeks it will be ready to strip and paint .
    Today we took the unpainted trike out for the morning and gave it a few more miles under its wheels , the only thing to sort is the realignment on the middie drive , it has derailed a couple of times to date .
    The steering rod linkage was the only other problem and this has been upgraded to a 13 mm tube and 10mm rod ends and the problem has been sorted .
    Here is the photo of the trike down on Seaford beach today . seaford.jpg
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  6. A week after I started the 20" wheel trike it is almost complete , barring the battery , and freewheel which haven't arrived yet , the motor seems ok in its 20" wheel and I have given it a very short test run under motor power .it needs a little tidying and the freewheel fitting and a proper battery so l can get a hundred or so miles under its wheels before l strip and paint it . it fits happily in the boot of the car and l can manage to lift it without a battery , I cannot wait for the initial test rides , but l will report later after the testing period . trikemon1.jpg
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  7. During the last 3 days The trike has started to come together with the frame welded ( but in two pieces ) with the front boom made up and the hub carriers and disc brakes brackets WP_20140529_008.jpg welded in place , The currie e-hub is now living in its 20" wheel , The only thing holding me up is a free wheel unit , i test assembled the trike today to check the measurements track 31 " wheelbase 40.5" height 24 " and the Bottom bracket height 15" and seat height 13.5 "
    I won't attempt to weigh it until later into the build when more of it is assembled .
    Still plenty to do whilst I wait for the bits to arrive

    regards emma
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  8. Hi Folks

    Yes we have just had our late May bank holiday or Whitsun as it was once called , It should have been called wet sun as most of the time it rains for the whole of the weekend .
    Sunday was the best and only day it did not rain and we did get out for a couple of hours in the afternoon down to our favourite spot on Shoreham beach , The "post " in the background now has some signs on it and the board walk has been finished , after an ice cream we came back home for Dinner.
    Both trikes have been upgraded to lithium battery packs and now have a range of 18 miles .
    By now I had hoped to remove the winterisation on the red trike but it looks like the mudguards are here to stay for a bit longer.
    Shoreham beach on Bank Holiday Sunday
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  9. Hi Folks
    The problem I have with both the two e-trikes is that they do not fit nicely in the boot of the car ( a Mondeo estate ) so I have been toying with the idea of building a trike that will fit ( in one piece in the boot ) with electric assist .

    This "new " trike will be powered by a currie motor that came from a Izip ezgo ,I have replaced the controller with a 36 v one and I am in the process of gathering the parts together for the new build . The Izip currie motor will be rebuilt into a 20" rim and the trike will have 20" wheels all round , This should reduce the wheelbase and overall length , keeping the track at a respectable 31" and the wheelbase around 40" should make a lively and stable e-trike that should fit happily in the boot of the car and still be a full-size tadpole trike .

    The specification of the new trike will include front 160 mm disc brakes and the drum brake fitted to the e-hub on the rear , Under Seat Steering together with Centre point steering is a must , and some form of pannier for storage .

    The only little opportunity at the moment is fitting a multiple free wheel on the limited space on the motor that was originally designed for a single speed freewheel , I hope to overcome this by fitting a 3 speed freewheel and with a quad speed front chainset , this should give me e-assist and 12 speed , I have already built the 36h front wheels with 14mm axles and disc brake conversion and I am waiting for the spokes for the rear wheel to arrive , luckily I managed to find a 20" 28 hole rim for the rear wheel and I have stretched the 20" MTB rear triangle to fit the width of the e-hub .
    I hope to update the blog with my progress on the build ,
    The new trike is a home designed trike based on my "terrier " Pedal trike but with the 20" rear e-wheel rather than the 24 " rear wheel of the terrier . The original trike - my green street e-fox was based on the atomic zombie streetfox fitted with an e-motor
    I have all the electronics , including brake levers , throttle and pedelec sensor barring a 36 v battery and I hope to start to weld up the new frame after the Bank holiday weekend , failing finding a 36 v battery in time I will use the 3 12 v SLA batteries from the red e-trike I have converted to Lion cells until a replacement battery comes along .
    It would be nice to finish it by mid July .

    watch this space This is the 20/24 terrier , the new 20/20 should be about five inches shorter .
    regards emma
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  10. Today as it was such a lovely day we went down to Shoreham Beach to give the E-Trikes an airing twinetrikes1.JPG

    Both trikes are home built ,the green one is a modified Streetfox ( Atomic Zombie Plan ) where as the red one is the redesigned E-trike that was built from scratch , Both trikes are built from 16 g steel tubing and have Under Seat Steering and 160mm front disc brakes and 28 gears ( 7x4 ) , see . the leaner meaner thread for the red one or lean mean thread for the green streetfox variant or view their online newsletter.
    ( Feb 2014 ).
    The Red one is now powered by a 48v 10.4 Ah Li-on battery where the green one only has a 7.2 Ah SLA battery , the difference of weight is 94 lbs for the green one and 82 lb for the red one, The Li-on cells make quite a diference to the weight.

    More details will follow

    regards emma
  11. Hi Folks
    Its been a while since I pressed a few keys on the laptop

    Since I have gone quiet for a few weeks , it did not mean I have been asleep , I have finally decommissioned the Trex ( and Sold it ) and rebuilt the e-bits into the Street E-fox , This is one of the Atomic Zombie plans available on their website . Both of my trikes are homebuilt from a selection of BMX and mountain bike bits to keep the cost down . Again the Street E-fox specification is similar to The original Leaner , Greener which was my own design . Both have the grunt to make them go well , with 28 gears ( 4 x7 ) Just in case you find yourself pedalling it home .In addition I have started to build another trike as the interest I have had has been very good , earlier this week I bit the bullet and ordered and have just received a 48v 10.5 ah Li-on pack delivered to me yesterday . I have just fitted it to the red trike , The new green trike is still running SLA batteries and we will see what happens if the money becomes available to upgrade after I have thoroughly tested them out on the red trike . Both trikes have Under Seat Steering and are mid sprung on the rear triangle . They are fitted with 160 mm disc brakes on the front , and use a vee brake on the rear to comply with UK law .Since the battery upgrade on the red trike it has lost over 16 kg of weight ,making it lighter and I hope it will give a better range in return . Only time will tell .The other Modification I have done to both trikes are a shorter seat back to make it easier to transport in the rear of a Mondeo Estate .
    Here are the photos of both the trikes ,
    the new street E fox
    street E -fox

    The leaner, meaner voyager e-trike on the shoreham ferry bridge
    ( part of the Sustran Shoreham to Worthing Cycle Route )
    this is featured in the atomiczombie feb 2014 newsletter
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