German cycle industry takes a stronger stance against e-bike ‘tuning’

2nd March, 2017 in Electric bike news

AGF, an umbrella organization consisting of several German cycling associations, has issued a shot across the bows at those that tune or otherwise manipulate electric bikes to enable greater speeds or power than the bike is legally set up for.

AGF’s remit to discuss ‘common, overarching topics to find strategies and solutions’, according to Two-Wheeler Industry Association (ZIV).

The group association issued the following statement: “The members of the AGF strongly oppose any kind of manipulation of e-bikes and e-bike drive systems of the German and international bicycle industry, which are intended, for example, to increase the power or the maximum support speed. The AGF expressly points out that manipulations can have serious negative consequences both technical and liability. “

A ZIV press statement says the group will take the following measures:

  • The e-bike industry, organized by ZIV, to ensure that all anti-tampering safety requirements, which are included in the draft of EN 15194/2017, are fulfilled.
  • The industry is continually working on the improvement of drive systems to make manipulations more difficult.
  • In all industry publications a stand is to be made against the tuning of e-bikes and to point out the legal consequences.
  • Measures are being taken to raise awareness of the risks and dangers of manipulation among all stakeholders. This applies, for example, to dealers and end users.
  • The AGF will actively encourage everyone in the product sales chain to pass on information about the legal consequences of manipulation.
  • In the course of training and publications, the members of the AGF will be informed of the consequences of violating this Code of Conduct.
  • The AGF will regularly provide information on the subject at joint events with other associations of the bicycle / e-bike industry.
  • The AGF will provide dealers and end users with information on the mandatory labelling of fast e bikes (45 km / h) to identify these vehicles.
  • The AGF will organize industry networking, [raise the issue with] dealer associations, consumer organizations, police, accident research facilities, experts, test institutes and specialist media regarding the tuning of e-bikes.