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BEBA parliamentary electric bike day – 11th May

BEBA are holding a meeting in the Palace of Westminster next Wednesday, 11th May to to encourage the powers-that-be to take electric bicycles more seriously when considering the UK’s Transport mix. Afterwards there will be a come and try event in Black Rod’s Garden where members of parliament can ride bikes from a number of attending suppliers.

Parliamentary E-Bike Day – Event Programme

14.00 – Welcome (Lord Laird – Host)
14.05 – The Electric Bicycle – An Introduction (Mark Loveridge BEBA)
14.15 – Electric Bicycle – What achieves a modal switch? (Neil Guthrie, Principle, Jacobs Consultancy)
14.25 – The Electric Bicycles – City of London Police (Sgt. Anthony Wolfson, City of London Police Bike Squad)
14.35 – Electric Cycling – The Vision (Karta Healy, Bicycle Library)
14.45 – Department for Transport (Patrick Lindwood)
14.55 – Funding Electric Bicycles (Laurence Boon and Mark Loveridge)
15.00 – The Economic Opportunity (David Miall, Chairman, British Electric Bicycle Association)
15.10 – Panel Discussion led by Lord Laird
15.30 – Close – Tea, Coffee and trial of electric bicycles.