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    Which one chaps? Carrera Crossfuse or Oxygen S Cross

    I know, I thought he was joking, but he said it was a head office decision on oxygen bikes
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    Which one chaps? Carrera Crossfuse or Oxygen S Cross

    I am totally torn, Halfords are going to let me have a 30 min test drive for a penny, Wilco who stock the oxygen said I have to buy the bike in full and I can have a test drive however if I don’t want the bike I will have to buy 2 tyres to replace the ones on there!!! The guy at halford said...
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    Another Newbie (in Herts) overwhelmed by choice of bike

    Sounds to me that the Alien Aurora would be the perfect fit Alien AURORA Electric Sports Bicycle Bike e-bike | eBay Or is you want something a bit sport the Burisch BURISCH Synergy GT250 Ebike e-bike pedelec electric bicycle | eBay Both seem to receive stunning reviews and both are capable...
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    The New 2012 Xipi

    Blimey, everytime I start a thread it seems to end in a mass difference of opinion :(
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    The New 2012 Xipi

    Xipi comuter Stealth 1,500 watt NEW FOR 2012 15AH Battery | eBay What is peoples opinions on the new Xipi, looks a beauty, but the price is astronomical, think perhaps they need to start doing 12 months interest free payment scheme, as that is a lot of cash
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc 2011 e-series Electric Bicycle on Ebay

    if you start low, you always get bids, start it at 99p, My Mother tried to sell her electric bike for £320 Buy it now, never got anyone, relisted it as 99p, and it got about 30 bids all the way up to £400
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    What make of bike is this?

    Electric Bike | eBay Seems a bit weird as he wont say what make it is, only that he says it is better than a Wisper
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    Marin Rock Springs BPM

    Nice advert on ebay mate :) in my experience you are better starting the bid off @ 99p (you dont get charged listing) and you then get lots of bids, which in itself attracts attention, and pull the auction (12 hours beofre it closes) if you are not getting near what you want.. I know that...
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    Merida MATTS Pro-D bike Excellent price for adding a kit

    Anyone who likes to add kits to MTB, a big reduction on a very nice MTB Merida Matts Pro-D Bike 2011 Model 18" Only | Merida Mountain Bikes | Merlin Cycles Specification: Frame: Matts Alloy Forks:RST Gila ML 100mm Front & Rear Derailleurs: Alivio 27 speed Gear levers: Alivio...
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    Hi Guys My Mother recently bought a new Powabyke, she is really thrilled with it (she is 70 so anything faster than 5MPH was going to be ok) I tried it and found it's hill climbing abilty really poor, and could not make it up a hill with me on without a lot of input from me, but I do weigh...
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    BMW integrates e-bike with e-car

    I could not agree more, but if they become infamous for having the bikes nicked they will die before it gets going... It would need to have some real top security, like a massive D'clamp that is welded into the car
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    BMW integrates e-bike with e-car

    Be very surprised if that comes out, like most good ideas (and it is a cracking idea) it is ruined by criminals, you will have them cracking the boots of these cars to get at the bikes, like they do when they scan for laptops in boots of cars
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    Major Momentum New Supplier on Ebay

    Main picture is a tad mis leading as well, as it's not them in the picture and the Chinese sign on the wall leads my detective qualities to summarise this is in fact the Chinese warehouse :cool:
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    Major Momentum New Supplier on Ebay

    the funniest bit is a 4.40 on that video when he tries to go uphill on that muddy slope... it just goes to show they are just trying to make a buck (no issue with that) but whilst that video is amusing it is also concerning as you have probably got no chance of support