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    How do I waterproof the battery / controllor socket when not in use?

    I purchased a bike cover from It appears to be very strong & waterproof. This week did two 80 mile motorway journeys in the pouring & rain & left on the tow bar rack for 3 nights Bikes appeared to be totally dry & everything worked as it...
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    Can I use a 48v Battery on a bike which currently has a 36v Battery?

    There website still seems to be active &they offer replacement batteries.
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    Woosh XF07 Torque Sensing Kits

    I have recently purchased & fitted these kits, with 17 ah batteries to our bikes. Woosh were very helpful both before & after purchase, as there was a certain amount of difficulty with removing the epicyclic bottom brackets. This was resolved by purchasing new shells from Thorn bikes. The...
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    Searching mounting-plate to secure battery to downtube with hose clamps

    I use two cycle toe straps to connect round existing battery fitting & down tube.
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    Evans Pinnacle Mercury E-Bike
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    Protection from Bad Weather

    Having recently installed two Woosh Mxus Front Hub torque sensor kits & purchased a towbar bike rack, I was wondering what additional measures are necessary to protect from heavy rain etc. I will be camping & on occasion taking the bikes several hundred miles on the bike rack. This has not...
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    Fast Charging

    Try an army surplus ammunition box. 40 mm ammunition box on eBay should be ok for 17.5 size batteries.
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    Bosch Performance Line CX motor sounds like a loud milk float. Is it normal?

    Which CX motor do you have 2019 or 2020?
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    Step through, dutch style around £1000

    Are you sure you want torque sensing, you have to put in significant effort to get power from the motor. It feels more like an ordinary bike with legs that are 20 years younger. The alternative is cadence sensing which if you are tired will allow you to ghost pedal & get you home.
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    Help! Budget conversion, Drill batteries?

    This may help
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    retro fitting throttle to new e bikes

    David Miall Amps Electric Bikes Ltd Info - Wisper Bikes []
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    retro fitting throttle to new e bikes

    Use the search facility on this website, under member look up Wisper Bikes & you can message him, or as suggested above contact through their website.
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    retro fitting throttle to new e bikes

    I would think the rear hub motor with cadence sensor would best suit you. Why don’t you contact David of Wisper Bikes who is a trade member of the forum & appears to be very helpful & approachable. You could phone or email him, I am sure he would be happy to give you advice.
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    retro fitting throttle to new e bikes

    I would suggest that with your condition you require a bike with a cadence sensor not a torque sensor. The bikes you have listed require you to input significant power yourself to get assistance. The new Wisper wayfarer available in June will have a throttle & is available with a cadence sensor.
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    Which Bell!/Urban/c/14888272/offset=0&sort=normal