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    Strava for E-bikes

    Thanks for sharing this. I think this is a good idea as well. I had been including [DFE] in my ride titles to indicate that I was riding my diamond framed e-bike [converted dropbar roadie] but being able to actually categorise them as e-bike rides is much better. Andrew
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    Corratec 29er Trekking Diamond

    Thanks. I suspect Reid will bring these in with the 300wh batteries to keep the cost down :( Andrew
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    Corratec 29er Trekking Diamond

    Anyone have experience with the Corratec 29er Trekking Diamond by any chance or comments on the Bosch mooter these come with? Here in Australia the local "cheap as chips" bicycle importer, Reid Cycles is starting to bring them in and the pricing is pretty good compared to what else is...
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    Split Rim??? Freego Eagle

    I agree. Your bike shop clearly hasn't got a clue ... people have been touring on bicycles for years with loads far in excess of your ebike with guess what? Rims and spokes in wheels ... getting a rim is not rocket science. Calculating spoke length and either buying them or cutting them is not...
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    Looking for a BBS02 speed sensor extension cable

    I had one until yesterday but hacked into as part of an experiment to set up a reed switch speed sensor. Anyone Paul at stocks them. Postage might be steep but. Andrew
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    Split Rim??? Freego Eagle

    Being a rim brake rim is really not an issue here, it can still be used with a disc and would be more than adequate. All being rim brake suitable means there is a machined braking surface which of course is not used in disc brake setup. As to deep well. The serious question has to be asked...
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    Split Rim??? Freego Eagle

    I agree. This sounds rather weird. Rims sizing is pretty standard so it shouldn't be hard to get a rim that can be rebuilt with the existing hub and new spokes. Andrew
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    Split Rim??? Freego Eagle

    The rim split along the braking surface ... braking surfaces wear out over time. This one got too thin and gave way before GJ realised the sitatution. What GJ then did was deflate the tyre, taped it up and then pumped the tyre back up and I think road about 700 km [that might be from another...
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    Split Rim??? Freego Eagle

    Cables ties was your problem. You should have gone with duck tape :) This is G J Coop's bike whilst he was riding in the outback of Australia and I really mean outback outback. Andrew
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    Split Rim??? Freego Eagle

    It happens ... poor spoke tension, to much weight for the rim, cheap and nasty rims ... take your pick. You need a new quality rim with sufficient number of spokes for the given load that has been built properly. Andrew
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    Helmet mirror or handlebar mirror

    I am a Busch & Muller Cycle Star fan and use their 50 mm mirrors but also have the really nice 80 mm ones (these are big but are great on a bike). Sorry the photo is a bit rough ... no editing as yet. Andrew
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    Cameras and then....?

    Vimeo is another option ... I believe the quality is much better which is why it is used a lot by people making slicker videos. Andrew
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    Hydraulic brakes question

    Not on my bikes. Properly setup disc brakes, Avid BB7 in my case do not rub. Andrew
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    Brake Disc Sizes

    I am guessing disc brakes? Disc brake pads should always be bedded in before doing any serious riding with them. Hope you are okay and more importantly the bike is okay :) Andrew
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    Hidden wire brake sensor on Bafang BBS

    I use them with a Bafang BBS01. I have them effective and haven't been aware of any time when it has not worked, however I have had a couple of times when they cut off the motor all by itself: unplugging the cable to the controller and re-plugging it reset everything. It has not done it for...