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    Has anyone else spotted the "new trend" in helmets ?

    I bought an invisible cycle helmet. Now I can't find it.
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    Electric Car Progress, or lack of.

    I agree flecc. Its particularly disappointing here in the Isle of Man as the usual problem of range wouldn't be an issue for us - at least for cars that are not be taken off-island. As you say, the problem is that the initial purchase price is prohibitive. Bring down the prices and they would be...
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    149mph electric bike

    You have to feel sympathy. Apparently that 0.4mph they needed equates to 20yds of road at the speed they finish. Still, 'rules is rules' I suppose. I don't have photos, Jon, but if you google 'tt zero pictures' there are lots to choose from.
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    149mph electric bike

    I'm afraid my legs may never stop spinning!
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    149mph electric bike

    If you are thinking of tuning your electric bike a bit this could be the target to aim for. The winner of the Isle of Man TT Zero race for electric only bikes today was timed through the speed trap on the fastest (flat) part of the course at 149.5mph. Apparently the same bike has been timed at...
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    Homemade electric dahon?

    Hi Aldby, Woops, misunderstood. I'm showing my lack of expertise here but as the rear drop-out on my Vitesse D7 is indeed 130mm that seems, allowing for the cassette, to leave a bare 90mm for a motor. Am I right in thinking that the only way to use a 100mm motor kit on my bike would be to...
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    Homemade electric dahon?

    Most of the 20in Dahon folders have a dropout of 75-80mm which is a problem as most motors need at least 100mm. People do spread the steel forks on the cheaper models but I wouldn't want to risk it with aluminium. An alternative would be one of the Dahon 26in folders which I think have a 100mm...
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    Did not have the heart to tell him

    When I overtake someone on a hill and they ask if mine is an electric bike I usually say, " Yes, I was thinking of switching the motor on".
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    Cycling shorts / trousers

    For shorts I wear cycling 'baggies' from the local bike shop. Not close fitting, and they have suitable padding in the vital area. For long trousers I strongly recommend Ron Hill Bikesters. They are not tights but are narrow legged, made of stretchy material so they 'give' comforably as you...
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    Giant Suede

    atob magazine did a rest report on the Suede in the December 2005 issue. You might be able to order a back issue if you look on their website. Of course the Suede has been out of production for quite a while now. If there is anything you particularly want to know you could send me a personal...
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    Giant Suede battery

    My Giant Suede battery says '36v - 9000mAh. Power output max 20A' on it. The last I heard, a new battery from Giant UK was £250 but that was about three years ago. Any Giant dealer should be able to quickly find out the current price for you. My first battery started to struggle after about 14...
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    How fast will I go?

    Which one?
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    Wash your mouth out! The Administrator's word is law. I look to the right and I see his word and it is "smilies". I obey:D
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    choices, choices, choices!

    I don't find short people jokes funny ...and I'm sure I speak for all short Pedelec members:D (Yes, I'm joking. Couldn't resist. See the 'Dogs' thread) Seriously I wouldn't waste too much time trying to find the perfect bike Jacquik. As long as it fits you and is a known make there probably...
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    Thanks flecc. I nearly made the same point but didn't want to prolong the issue any more.