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    Show us your ebikes

    This is mine when it was new last summer.
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    eMTB owners photo and ride thread.

    Weather was too good today not to go out. My nearest trail is 10km away, so borrowed my wife's battery so I could use Turbo all the way! Managed 35km out of one 400wh battery in Turbo with about 600m of climb.
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    Ongoing reliability of Kalkhoff/Focus Impulse 2 motors

    I notice that Focus are now offering Shimano motors on some new MTB models. It'll be interesting to see which motors they stick with?
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    Where to Buy Bulls E-Stream FS3 2017 in UK or EU

    Hi James, I'm meeting up with another member of the forum on Monday who has just picked up the same model Bulls from Germany. I'll ask him about his experience, name of shop, price etc. and report back. I'm not sure he has access to the forum at the moment? I'm considering the hardtail...
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    Change Bosch Classic motor

    I replaced the Classic motor on my wife's bike, found one in Holland. You really need the tool to get the cranks (pedal arms) off. Then it's easy, there's a video somewhere on YouTube. The motor on my wife's needed a software update, but it worked without it.
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    Bosch classic to Bosch CX

    Hi Gubbins, I know that's what I want too. We're going to look at ebikes with some friends next week, they're looking at trekking style bikes. I will have to see if I can resist ;-) My wife thinks that she doesn't need to upgrade, so I'll probably change her gearing so that she can keep up!
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    Bosch classic to Bosch CX

    Trevor, that's the one I was looking at. It's €220 for the 11/46 (inc. tax), plus around another €30 if I changed the front. D8ve, I've done around 4000km on my original cassette so far, so I would probably be about 90 before I would start making any savings!
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    Trek powerfly 9 FS or Levo FSR comp - what would you go for?

    Is it possible to get a dropper post with suspension? I find that a suspension post helps with my lack of built in padding ;-)
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    Haibike cassette replacement

    Hi guys, are you sure it doesn't just need adjusting? I've done around 4000km on my Haibike xduro RC29 with the original cassette. Both mine and my wife's bike have had the jumping in top gear. I found that I had to adjust the derailleur to allow it to move out (away from the bike) when in top...
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    Bosch classic to Bosch CX

    Thanks for the input guys. I'm assuming that if I upgrade to an eleven speed, I'll need to buy a group set, not just the cassette.
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    Bosch classic to Bosch CX

    I currently have 38f 36r as my lowest gear, I can get a 36t for the front. I could upgrade the rear to an 11/46. That would cost around €250.
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    Bosch classic to Bosch CX

    Rob, I think if I was riding on tarmac I could manage it. With the rocky climb, I felt like my speed was too high. From what others have said, it seems lower gearing would help. I like the way the Bosch system rides like a normal bike, how does a pedal only sensor bike feel?
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    Is it worth spending the extra

    Sure thing, I have to buy the new bike first! I'm going to the shop a week on Tuesday.
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    Is it worth spending the extra

    Thanks, that really useful. That's definitely something I'll look into.
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    Bosch classic to Bosch CX

    I find that the pace that I need to keep up is just too much for long climbs. If I try to go slower, I just lose momentum. Lower gearing would hopefully mean I could go at a steadier pace. Trevor, I just can't decide whether it's worth spending money on my 4 year old bike? My battery is down...