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    Opinions Please!

    Hi all, Has anyone heard of this brand and have an opinion on the bikes compared with Woosh? I already own a Woosh Camino that I am more than happy with, but my friend is looking...
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    Woosh Camino Tyre Change (update)

    I have fitted loads of tyres in the past, and it was the problem that they are a slack fit rather than tight. OK once eventually fitted correctly and inflated. Would hate to that on the side of the road!! Happy now they are on.
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    Woosh Camino Tyre Change (update)

    Marathon E Plus28" x 1.5 Never known a tyre so difficult to fit. Got the front done, and had to walk away from the back for a while before i put a stanley knife through it!! its not too tight, they are too slack so keep popping off the rim.
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    Woosh Camino Tyre Change (update)

    Merry Christmas everybody! Got some Scwalbe Marathon E Plus for Christmas and tried fitting them today. The wheels are 700c and the tyres I got are 700 x 38c. Basically, they seem too big. I have fitted these to bikes in the past and they were tight to get on, but these will not seat fully all...
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    Woosh Camino Tyre Change

    I am loving my new Woosh Camino! Looking to fit some Schwalbe Marathon Plus or E Plus tyres, as I have used Marathon plus in the past with no punctures. Is the rear wheel removal straight forward, ie, just unplug the power cable then wheel off? No experience of e bikes so dont want to muck...
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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    NE5 1QF for me, thanks.
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    New to electric

    Just had a test ride to work and back. Its only around 5 miles each way, downhill and flat there. Had no electric on outbound and switched it on for the return. 30 mins there and 22 mins back. Came back on a different route which is 90% housing estate roads and hard cycle track, which i will be...
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    New to electric

    See, just learnt something there. didint know about these Gaadi tubes.
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    New to electric

    Hi all, brilliant forum, very informative. After a long period of not cycling after a major illness and some operations I have taken the plunge and purchased (well my wife has) a Woosh Camino. Was originally looking at a Decathlon crank motor bike which a friend has, but availability seems to...