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    Where Do You Live V2.0

    What instructions on the left? I can find where I live but how do I mark the point and insert my name. Left hand just has a list of all those already on the map!
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    Putting e-bike to bed for the duration of C-virus.

    Don't I know it! Wife and I just got out of Malaga Airport on one of the few non cancelled flights on Sunday. But at least in Spain they are really serious about keeping distance, providing hand gel and disposable gloves at the entrance to supermarkets which don't, by the way, seem to have run...
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    France new E-bike deristriction law 1 year in prison and a 30,000 Euro fine

    Why can the 1835 act not be repealed as was the corn law?
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    How the hell did they make that film and at what cost!!
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    I stand with head bowed then. I was concentrating too much on the fact that this might mean changes to the way that the public and authority saw Ebikes. As others have noted.
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    Maintenance stand

    Looks the spitting image of the one I got from Lidl, or was it Aldi? Can only just get my Giant Trance Ebike on it. Those jaws are hard to get a tight grip with. My mate just put 2 blocks and a piece of wood vetical on his shed side and pushes the rear tyre into the gap. Saves struggling with...
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    Dalston fatal e-bike crash rider 'going too fast' - Court Case

    Of Course, if he had hit the 'jaywalking' lady whilst driving a car then it might not have even made the news. Or if he was a lycra wearing guy on a road bike. After all, she was clearly in the wrong. But it had to be an over powered ebike!
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    Hub kits - Proper jobs?

    I had the same problem with my full suspension conversion. It did last a couple of years though and that was after red trails and stony trails. I think it is important to make a link using plastic ties between the front top of the battery and the saddle rails then when the rack cracks it stops...
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    Hardseven 1.0 Yamaha PW SE noise

    My front forks make a squelching sound when working. It's normal for the one I have. I do know it is often dammed hard to find out from where those annoying or worying sounds are coming!
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    Yamaha Synch pro has crank creak

    Took it to the bike shop last Thursday. All motor bolts, cranks and pedals were properly tight. I held the bike and the mechanic moved the rear of the back wheel sideways left and right. It creaked! Rear axle bolt was fine. Mechanic, perhaps remembering that noise from other bikes, loosened the...
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    Yamaha Synch pro has crank creak

    My 600 mile Giant E+3 is giving a light knock every pedal crank rotation. I had it before but tightened up the chainring bolts and checked the crank bolts and it seemed to disappear. But now I notice distinct play in the 'bottom bracket' or it's Yamaha engine equivalent! Hard to imagine why it...
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    Full Throttle ebike legal again!

    Better check if mid motors can be connected to throttles then. I used to think the same way about my throttle controlled diy MTB but on buying a new one with a centre motor, soon found that a high power setting gave just as much urge from the lights and a more comfortable wrist too.
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    3000 trouble free miles

    What the hell is a rheocepter? I did not notice anything looking knackered, but then again I have 75 year old eyes!
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    Death of the derailleur?

    Surely it is SWMBO? She who must be obeyed! What does your H stand for? I must agree the kitchen is a much nicer place in winter than the near freezing garage.
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    What's happening at 50 Cycles?

    You quoted (somewhere!) that you and 41 others were owed £137,944.49 for bikes ordered but not received. You do realize that is an average of £3284 per bike? That would about right if most were full suspension MTB E bikes but surely not.Just Wondering.