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    Removing battery when locked up.

    I haven't yet, but I can see the logic.
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    Dillenger electric bike kit

    I have installed their 250/350w front wheel geared motor. The controller is contained in the battery (drinks holder mounted). I am running a single speed reid griffon. Can't keep up with the motor on 4 or 5, so have ordered an sram automatic 2 speed hub w/coaster brake. All connectors are...
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    Best front hub kit for a SRAM Automatix equipped bike

    I am in the opposite position from you. I have purchased a single speed Reid , then fitted the basic 250w Dillenger with 14aH battery. A picture has been included. I have just ordered an sram automatic for it, as it allows a lot of freewheeling. I run out of puff about 40km/h, so would like an...