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    Riese & Muller Supercharger “surging”

    Hi Arnie, Have you been into your Bosch dealer and had them plug the bike into the diagnostic software? This would be the 1st step, they can send the full report to us/Bosch and it will give the full historic details, could be a simple magnet position issue (the one on the back wheel, if not...
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    Riese and Müller - Tinker

    Hi, Sorry for the slow response, I have just measured the rack on my demo Tinker and it is 23" (585mm) drop, the ORTLIEB are great pannier and should easily fit. The Tinker has a racktime compatible rack, picture attached.
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    Riese and Muller

    Hi Phil, Which model are you looking at, let me know and I will point you in the direction of a dealer that has demo bikes (or drop off some of mine to your local dealer) ... with any bike, always best to try it first and let the bike speak to you first.
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    Newbie Riese and Muller

    Looking great T42, have you now passed the 2,000 miles?
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    Riese & Muller Delite GT Nuvinci 2018 Review

    Bosch have had a good few battery updates towards the end of last year, if you don't have the latest firmware let me know and I will arrange to get it updated for you (to get the version hold the i and reset when on together for 5 seconds then scroll with the light button), latest battery...
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    Riese & Muller Tinker City

    Hi Matthew, Did you find the perfect ride? I would for R&M so would like to hear the outcome of your search. Happy riding.
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    haibikes to Riese and muller

    Great to hear that you loved the bikes and the new Nevo with an internal battery has been a real hit worldwide. The Nuvinci (or Enviolo as it is now called) is a really great no maintenance bike, one you can ride in any weather an just stick in the garage without having to clean and lubricate...
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    Riese & Muller Supercharger “surging”

    Hi Lee, putting my credentials out 1st I work for Riese & Müller but rather than just answer this in words I would rather let the bikes speak for themselves, I have a Supercharger with the E14 Rohloff hub you are welcome to try or drop me message telling me your location and I will do my best to...