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    more of this please

    I said the Gower area, not the The Gower, am I still wrong?
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    more of this please

    My family and I were holidaying in the Gower area last week and stayed in Swansea. We walked the length and back from the marina to Mumbles on this path. I made a point of telling my kids to keep to the pedestrian bit, but saw plenty of others who didn't meaning bikes had to stop,swerve etc...
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    Yosepower hub kits.

    My Yosepower (350w rear) gives me a slight vibration through the frame, I think they are all like that. Dunno if there's a way of isolating the vibration in any way.. I switched to a KT-D12L pas sensor too from topbikekit, much easier to fit to existing bottom bracket, no issues with mine, and...
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    Orbea Gain lost spokes

    Must of swapped out about 15 spokes on 2 carrera crossfire-e bikes in the last 3 years. Measured the broken one, ordered 6 at a time from tiller cycles, swapped out, tightened up, check wheel is true, on my way. Even done at the roadside on a day ride, not tricky, I have no wheel building skills...
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    Faulty eCarrera Crossfire

    The new Suntour HESC kit is already on a new Halfords model,
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    UK E-bike laws about to change or fake news?

    Yes, I think it was the same guy in Halfords who said that to me, just after he built up my new Gtech escent bike (pic below)...I think he know his stuff
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    Halfords are truly shocking!

    I was in my local Halfords yesterday, and there was a Carrera mountain bike ready built and on display for sale with the forks facing the wrong way like the OP's, so it's not a one off....I'm kinda looking out for it now lol
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    Oxygen e-bike is the best bike on GBP 1,500.00 range?

    Looks good Woosh, pack another 17ah battery in the rack bag and that would make a great pan Europe tourer.
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    Hello from Dorset. Advice on must haves.

    Trails map of Puddletown forrest
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    Halfords are truly shocking!

    Yes, I can see that now lol, next time add a ;) for us just to make sure :)
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    Halfords are truly shocking!

    To be honest, this shocking setup should (and hopefully) would shame any Halfords store manager, I can't believe this sort of shoddy work is widespread across Halfords, they do have a structured training progression system in place. However, the individual who built the bike should be ashamed or...
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    Halfords are truly shocking!

    No points for you lol... I think you meant they have the forks 180 degrees out when the tightened up the handlebar stem
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    Halfords are truly shocking!

    They should get their own staff to watch their own bike build video
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    Help! Upgraded battery for Carrera Vengeance e bike

    I think your Vengence battery is about 8.8 ah, so you'll get about 30% extra range, certainly not double. I'm always on the lookout for a cheap seller of a Phylion SF-06 cased battery, so if you find one be sure to post back here. I think Greenway put these on their bikes