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    Carrera Vulcan E Spokes

    nobody remember the Chopper one?
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    Help! carrera crossfire ebike

    The display bracket broke on my crossfire-e and Halfords replaced it free of charge. You could try them to get you a price for the display bracket, it might be harder to get the battery lock holder, but I have seen one on ebay recently 2nd hand
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    Carrera Vulcan E Spokes

    My experience with my crossfire-e is that they mostly break on the cassette side. I can thread the replacement spoke without removing the cassette (plastic chain spoke protector thing binned a long time ago) , as mentioned slight bend will straighten out when tensioned.
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    Heads-up! 2019 Ebco centre-drive e-bikes £1099 (£500 off).

    I think you both nabbed a bargain, sub £1k after discounts, killer price. Looks like the large size is out of stock now
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    Bafang CST suppliers

    Your off road commute sounds like it's a handful but a right laugh, I like it
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    how can i make bbs01 PAS respond quicker from standstill

    I got the same problem on my bbs01b, but I have no 'time of stop' setting, I only have 'stop delay' (25) and 'stop decay'(0) with my start current at 30% (all of these settings are unchanged from default) Hope you can help
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    New Crossfire

    Spec wise, it looks pretty much like for like as the old version, albeit with the new style battery and frame. Once they drop the RRP to £1k, plus add a xmas 20% off code, BC 10% discount, Gift card trick and Topcashback to bring it in at about £650 I might bite again lol
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    Introducing the Woosh Faro

    For me that's the USP of this bike, and I'd promote it based on that. Is there some kind of battery switch between internal and external when both are fitted ? Presumably you'd use the standard HL battery mount, you'd need a waterproof cover for that when the external battery is not attached...
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    Introducing the Woosh Faro

    I like it. The flat bars might be a bit low down for me, I'd of gone with a slight rise and sweep, or possibly an adjustable stem, but can be swapped out at low cost. Agree about the £6.99 ebay kickstand, I tried one, could never get it tight enough to stop it flopping down, shame you couldn't...
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    First bicycle road accident tonight.

    Sorry to hear of this Nealh, but good to hear you escaped uninjured, which is the most important thing. Sounds like you are not dwelling on 'what could of happened' and have got back on the bike and about your business. The Audi driver was lucky he got such an understanding victim as yourself...
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    Winter deals

    No idea what these are like, but saw then cheap at £5.99, thinking of adding a pair to my 2019 winter collection lol...
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    How not to behave as a cyclist..

    Typical Fixie rider ;);)
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    Is the Halfords Assist Step through ebike worth considering?

    The great thing about halfords is that you can try before you buy. I'd give your local branch a call and see if they can line up a couple of bikes for you to try. Do the same test route for each bike, try and include a hill. Don't forget british cycling 10% discount, free membership if you bank...
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    Just ordered Bafang BBS01 350w kit, what else do I need?

    Thanks guys, so cable and tool ordered. Any views on the gear sensor? Cheers