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  • After reading your review I know that has torque for good acceleration.
    But here in East Sussex we have some hills, not long(300m) in my daily commute but pretty steep (12%). I'm wondering what's your experience in hills, do you pedal necessarily? does speed drop much? if not experienced, what would be your opinion about being able the 260rpm to do a hill even pedalling in a biggest chainring
    1/2 Hi,
    I'm trying to build a lightweight single speed for my short commute. I need the minimum weight because I need to keep my bike into my flat upstairs. So no gears and shifters.
    The point is I have been reading a lot about Q100H in the two version 201rpm and 260rpm.
    I'm thinking in 260rpm as the best option to run it at its max efficiency at 20mph.
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